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What is energy and how does it flow?

In Science lessons at school, you were probably introduced to matter, that this is made up of molecules that vibrate, and all things - even humans - vibrate. So, when you feel that a place has ‘bad vibes’ you may be feeling dense energy, or when a person has ‘good vibes’, you are referring to their vibrational energy that you are feeling. Happier people tend to vibrate on a higher frequency. This is obviously a very simplistic and brief summary.

To understand how holistic therapies like Reflexology and Reiki work, we have to explore the concept of energy and how it flows. We have been studying and working with the body’s energy centres for thousands of years. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy is defined as ‘Qi’ (or Chi), in Japan it is known as ‘Ki’ and in Ayurvedic medicine it is known as ‘prana’. In Western culture, energy is described as vigour, life, spirit, passion, power or electromagnetism. Energy fields, known as auras, surround the bodies of humans and animals – even objects, or anything else in the natural world have auras, so you can feel the energy emanating from them.

Reiki and Energy

Reiki, the Japanese tradition of energy healing, dates back to the early twentieth century. Practitioners work to release blockages and balance the seven chakras of the body, which are the energy transmission centres first described in ancient Hindu texts. Each chakra corresponds to specific areas of the body and, if blocked, can cause a range of emotional, mental, spiritual or physical problems. Reiki therapists work with all of the body’s energies, auras and chakras, to promote healing.

Reflexology and Energy

Because the feet lie furthest away from the heart, build up in the form of uric acid and calcium crystals tend to accumulate there causing blockages. Reflexologists work the feet (or hands) to clear such blockages, thus allowing the energy to flow more freely and the body to return to its optimal health.


Qi flows through our bodies in channels known as meridians, similar to the way blood flows through veins and arteries, yet Meridians are invisible. However, these energy superhighways can sometimes be seen with infrared imaging. When we are unwell, it is believed that the energy flow to a particular organ is blocked. There are 12 meridians in the feet and hands in total, so Reflexology is a great way to work with the meridians. 


I also work in other ways to unblock and move ‘stuck’ energy through the feet with my clients – one of those other ways is working with the chakras on the feet. Yes, the feet have chakras too!

Working with Energy

Working with energy is all about activating the body’s subtle energy systems to remove any blockages. Breaking through these blockages stimulates the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. 


The physical body is fragile and is impacted by a range of triggers, externally and internally, causing energy to stagnate. The flow of energy becomes diluted and eventually causes a blockage creating a downward spiral in the overall quality of your health.

I also work with the energy of crystals and sound in many of my treatments to promote healing and overall well-being; their power should not be underestimated.

What causes energy blockages?

Blockages build up and are created by many things affecting the mind, body and spirit. For example: negative, strong or repeated emotions, such as anger, heartache, fear, regret, anxiety, depression; low self-esteem; trauma; environmental stressors, poor nutrition, stress, illness, disease and becoming disconnected with your spiritual beliefs and yourself. These are just some examples that are part of a longer list.

Chakra Balancing

Simply put, chakras are areas of our body that are dense with energy. Chakras are part of an ancient system that dates back to 1,500 – 500 B.C., written about in the Vedic texts of India, and passed down through oral tradition prior to that. 

We have over one hundred chakras all over our body, including on the soles of our feet and palms of our hands. There are seven main chakras, from the top of the head to the root of the spine, nestled right through our centre, that work together to create life force energy.

‘Chakra’ is the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’. Chakras are usually depicted as many spinning discs that are stacked on top of one another. As they spin, chakras draw energy in and out of the body. They connect the physical body with the emotional, mental and spiritual layers. 


The seven chakras that are the main energy centres of our body are typically associated with seven different colours. Each chakra is said to be associated with a different purpose, different emotions and physical parts of the body. It is common for one or more chakras to become ‘blocked,’ which means that we can’t totally live in alignment with our mind, body, and soul.

It is said that when your chakras are healthy and vital, they are ‘open,’ but when energy stagnates, one or more chakras can become blocked, or closed, leading to various physical and emotional symptoms. If you imagine the chakras as windows between your physical and energy body, if you closed the windows permanently, blocking the light with heavy curtains and piles of clutter, your rooms would feel heavy, dark and airless. Similarly, if you jammed the windows wide open, you would feel unprotected and uncomfortable during periods of icy and stormy weather. Healthy chakras (just like healthy windows) need a good clean every now and again, so they can let energy in and out. If your chakras are unhealthy - wide open or stuck shut - then they may take longer to become balanced.

White Lotus Chakra Balance Treatment

Following a consultation, your therapist will provide a bespoke treatment, working towards addressing imbalances in your chakras. Bespoke aftercare advice will be provided to give you further support in moving forward. This treatment is also available as part of a Reiki package.


I am also trained in Reflexology Chakra Balancing, which is available upon request.

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